World Book Day

On Friday the school held the rescheduled World Book Day and raised money for Sports Relief.

Children could come either dressed in pyjamas with their favourite bed time story or fully equipped in their sports wear.

In year 4, after lunch, children re-entered the class to discover that a strange cylindrical object had been left there.

It was golden, hard and cold with a textured surface. We deduced that it was an egg, most likely dragon! We had lots of fun talking about what it might look like, what size it could be, and we even used images of dragons from recent productions, such as How To Train Your Dragon, to inspire our ideas. Then we used tin foil to create our very own representation of what we thought the dragon would hatch to look like!

Following this we went on a hunt around school for our own golden dragons’ egg! Each egg had to be collected and returned to class before they could be cracked open.

Once back, we opened the eggs to reveal our unique dragon and a clue about how each dragon would behave/act when they flew. The children puzzled at why we would need this information until it was revealed that they then had to enter a dragon race in role as their dragon!


We had a lot of fun racing in the playground and then discussed the challenges that our dragon’s style presented, or even the praises we had for it, before settling down in our blankets to listen to a chapter of the story ‘How To Train Your Dragon’.

Yorkshire Museum Trip

Year 4 have had a blast on their trip to the Yorkshire Museum today.

We started the day with a guided tour around York, led by Miss Hamilton, on the Roman sites within York and the histories of its iconic landmarks including, St Mary’s Abbey, York Minster, the city walls and even the Shambles!

Then we went to the Yorkshire Museum to learn about all of the people who have invaded Britain, including the Romans and Vikings, and those who ruled it also. Finally we took part in costumes timelines, designing out own Roman coins and a jigsaw of the kingdom’s of Britain through the ages.

Special thanks must go to the drivers for the day Mr Dunkley and Mr Marr, and our wonderful parent volunteer and direction expert Mrs Payne!

Health Day

Today we had our annual Health Day and Year 4 took part in two sessions. ‘You are what you eat’ and ‘games’.

We learnt all about the digestive system and how certain foods affect the body and organs before going outside and promoting team work and sportsmanship within competitive games.


Bug Hotels!

After designing our own environmentally friendly and habitat specific bug hotels we were able to make them this week with resources we have gathered. We loved this and discovered that we already had a few residents!

Some of the hotels have been set up in the wildlife garden at school for us to enjoy all year round.


Yorkshire Sculpture Park

This week Year 4 explored the world of sculpture by looking at Yorkshire artists and their sculpture work as an artist at the park explained them and got us to use our imaginations to guess what they represented and where they came from (just like we have been investigating where the Iron Man came from):

We then had a go at drawing a sculpture of a metal man – just like the Iron Man, but a little smaller.

And on our way back to the indoor classroom we gathered natural materials to make our own sculptures before wrapping them in tin foil to be an iron man:

After a spot of dinner, with hot chocolate and pancakes (for pancake day), we were back outside to use the sites resources to make a sculpture of our own monsters based on the Space bat angel dragon from the Iron Man:

Junior Wardens – Fireman visit.

Today the Community Wardens were back and they brought us a Fireman as a visitor!

He had us act out the scene of a car accident after the parents had been distracted by bickering children.

It was very informative and taught us how to respond in an emergency – including the recovery position!

Then we got to ask as many questions as we liked about himself and his job.

The Iron Man invades Year 4!

Today we enhanced our learning on the Iron Man by building our very own models of him out of recyclable materials – no metal was used so that he didn’t take a bite out of himself!

News reporters

In Year 4 we are reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. In Literacy we are working towards writing our own newspaper report about the invasion of the Space bat angel dragon and what we should do with him/

To practice our reporting skills we wrote a script and rehearsed a television interview which we rather enjoyed!


Bug Hotels

This week we are getting ready for a Spring STEM task – building a hotel for bugs out of natural materials!

We are using our habitat learning from science to enable us to design, and later build, a suitable environment for bugs/insects to live in.

Here are just a few of our designs:

An Egyptian Adventure

Today we met Howard Carter and Cleopatra VII!

Mr Carter called his friend, Doctor Who, and we journeyed back in time to try and discover where Queen Cleopatra was buried (she never told us!).

After learning all about Cleopatra and her life we brought her back to the present with us so that she could teach us more.

First, we learnt all about traditional dress and a dance that honored the gods! After this, we watched a mummification ceremony – we even assisted in some areas – and had a go at wrapping bandages around our classmates before we took part in a quiz on the activities of the day.

It was bundles of fun and we learnt so much!

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