New half term, new topic!

With the second half term in swing Year 5 are throwing themselves into learning all about volcanoes!

Over the half term children were given a project in which they could research and present information on the topic – most deciding to create models and even some working examples!

Below are some exciting pictures of us waiting in anticipation for a volcanic eruption!

National Science and Media Museum

Year 5 had a fantastic day at the National Media Museum today exploring their exhibitions and taking part in space themed tours and workshops. We cemented our knowledge of the planets and explored the solar system in an exciting and new way. 

Marbling with ink

After looking closely at the surface of the planets in our solar system and enjoying the range of colours and textures the children in Year 5 used marbling inks to create wonderful patterns that will be trimmed into circular planets and displayed in class.


Egg-cellent science

As part of our Space and Earth topic, year 5 learnt about the gravitational pull of the planets and that Earth also has gravity.

We used this knowledge to create a parachute and protection for our falling ‘astronaut’ as he crash landed to Earth.

We had to design and make a suitable layer of protection for our egg using only the materials available, predicting and commenting on the most successful.

Making heliocentric Solar System models

This week in Year 5 we made Solar System mobiles with the 8 planets hanging on string.

We drew the rings of each planets orbit on a paper plate and cut out and coloured in the planets. We had to make sure that the planets were the correct size in relation to each other and we even made the Sun for the center of the system.

We looked at the current position of the planets and, using string to attach them to the plate, placed the planets onto their respective orbits.

Below are the results.

New School Year

Year 5 have been busy back at work these first few weeks;

Creating class charters,

voting for Head Boy and Head Girl,

beginning a new class novel,

learning about the planets in our solar system,

and voting for our class representatives on the school council.

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back and congratulate our class council representatives – Daniel and Isla!

Magna Science Adventure Centre

To round off our science topic on electricity we visited the Magna Science Adventure Centre today.

We explored the four different pavilions of earth, air, water and fire – completing hands on activities and discovering the science behind each activity.

The children then built their own circuits to power a fan and dry a piece of cloth.

Afterwards we enjoyed the outdoor park and water play area. It was a very enjoyable day!

Enterprise talk

Following the speed gun course, children were visited by a local entrepreneur who talked to them about enterprise, profit, experimenting, inventing, up cycling and being creative with their passions.

He had some very cool objects with him that he had purchased from charity shops, improved and then resold for a higher price. This is only his hobby yet he has 3 shops because of it and gets to make new creations every day. The children were inspired to think, recycle and imagine.

Speed Guns!

On Tuesday year 4 had a very busy afternoon.

Firstly, we were visited by the Community Wardens once again for our final training session.

They brought with them a speed gun, and each of us had two turns at reading out the speed of the cars passing school. There were a lot of safe and sensible drivers, however we were surprised by a handful of speeders (40mph in a 30mph zone).

Making it Rain

In science we have been learning about the water cycle, as part of this we learnt that water evaporates from the sea, into the air and condensates to become a cloud. When the cloud becomes too full/heavy it drops the water in precipitation (rain).

Using shaving foam, water, a jar and food colouring we conducted an experiment: How many ‘rain drops’ (food colouring drops) would the cloud hold before precipitation happened? The answer was 95



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