Magna Science Adventure Centre

To round off our science topic on electricity we visited the Magna Science Adventure Centre today.

We explored the four different pavilions of earth, air, water and fire – completing hands on activities and discovering the science behind each activity.

The children then built their own circuits to power a fan and dry a piece of cloth.

Afterwards we enjoyed the outdoor park and water play area. It was a very enjoyable day!

Enterprise talk

Following the speed gun course, children were visited by a local entrepreneur who talked to them about enterprise, profit, experimenting, inventing, up cycling and being creative with their passions.

He had some very cool objects with him that he had purchased from charity shops, improved and then resold for a higher price. This is only his hobby yet he has 3 shops because of it and gets to make new creations every day. The children were inspired to think, recycle and imagine.

Speed Guns!

On Tuesday year 4 had a very busy afternoon.

Firstly, we were visited by the Community Wardens once again for our final training session.

They brought with them a speed gun, and each of us had two turns at reading out the speed of the cars passing school. There were a lot of safe and sensible drivers, however we were surprised by a handful of speeders (40mph in a 30mph zone).

Making it Rain

In science we have been learning about the water cycle, as part of this we learnt that water evaporates from the sea, into the air and condensates to become a cloud. When the cloud becomes too full/heavy it drops the water in precipitation (rain).

Using shaving foam, water, a jar and food colouring we conducted an experiment: How many ‘rain drops’ (food colouring drops) would the cloud hold before precipitation happened? The answer was 95



Making our own river course

As part of our learning in our Rivers topic, we borrowed Reception class’s sandpit to mold our very own river course.

We did this¬†activity in groups and then had to describe the building process and reasoning to the rest of the class. We included features such as meanders, a river source, a river mouth (all of our rivers joined in the middle at the ‘sea’). Some of us included oxbow lakes, flood plains and tributaries.


River investigation

We are learing all about rivers in year 4 this half term. As a part of this we looked at the different parts of a river an their names: source, mouth, tributary, stream, spring, ground water, meander and ox bow lake.

To help us understand this further we saw a scaled down model of a river system from its source in the hills down to the mouth and the sea. The compost was covered in cling film so that the water would travel down the river system and not immediately soak into the dirt – there was even blue food colouring added so that we could see the water clearer.

Junior Wardens – Litter Picking!

Yesterday the children worked one more step towards their Junior Wardens certificate and went litter picking in the local area.

They thoroughly enjoyed this session; learning that the fine for littering is now £150 and discovering there was a lot of litter, even in a quiet area such as is near the school.

Our Yorkshire Tapestry

The last week of Spring term saw Year 4 beginning to practice their sewing skills by making patches of fabric with a Yorkshire symbol on. This symbol range from the Yorkshire Rose, local areas such as Hebden Bridge, tourist attractions such as the York Minster, companies in Yorkshire such as Terry’s an KitKat chocolates an even a Sunday roast using Yorkshire puddings.

Over the half term our patches were brought together to create this tapestry: (impressive, I’m sure you’ll agree)

World Book Day

On Friday the school held the rescheduled World Book Day and raised money for Sports Relief.

Children could come either dressed in pyjamas with their favourite bed time story or fully equipped in their sports wear.

In year 4, after lunch, children re-entered the class to discover that a strange cylindrical object had been left there.

It was golden, hard and cold with a textured surface. We deduced that it was an egg, most likely dragon! We had lots of fun talking about what it might look like, what size it could be, and we even used images of dragons from recent productions, such as How To Train Your Dragon, to inspire our ideas. Then we used tin foil to create our very own representation of what we thought the dragon would hatch to look like!

Following this we went on a hunt around school for our own golden dragons’ egg! Each egg had to be collected and returned to class before they could be cracked open.

Once back, we opened the eggs to reveal our unique dragon and a clue about how each dragon would behave/act when they flew. The children puzzled at why we would need this information until it was revealed that they then had to enter a dragon race in role as their dragon!


We had a lot of fun racing in the playground and then discussed the challenges that our dragon’s style presented, or even the praises we had for it, before settling down in our blankets to listen to a chapter of the story ‘How To Train Your Dragon’.

Yorkshire Museum Trip

Year 4 have had a blast on their trip to the Yorkshire Museum today.

We started the day with a guided tour around York, led by Miss Hamilton, on the Roman sites within York and the histories of its iconic landmarks including, St Mary’s Abbey, York Minster, the city walls and even the Shambles!

Then we went to the Yorkshire Museum to learn about all of the people who have invaded Britain, including the Romans and Vikings, and those who ruled it also. Finally we took part in costumes timelines, designing out own Roman coins and a jigsaw of the kingdom’s of Britain through the ages.

Special thanks must go to the drivers for the day Mr Dunkley and Mr Marr, and our wonderful parent volunteer and direction expert Mrs Payne!

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