Celebrating Festivals of Light!

Today in RE the children learnt about the festival of St Lucia’s Day.

This a Swedish festival celebrated on the 13th of December, it celebrates the Winter Solstice and a pagan festival of lights. Girls of the village dress in white robes with a red sash and a crown of candles. Boys wear similar robes with a white hat decorated with silver stars.

Here is a photo of the hats that we made for ourselves!

Junior Wardens

Last week we were fortunate enough to be visited by our local community wardens.

They told us a little about what they do for the community – things like litter picking, fining litterers, cleaning graffiti and doing traffic checks. Alongside this they work closely with the police and fire brigade.

We have been invited to help keep the community clean as Junior Wardens. We will wear special high vis clothing and join them on some of their everyday tasks.

As well as this we will be having talks from the police and fire service – learning all about what they do too!

It looks to be a fun scheme and we cant wait to get involved – especially using the special claws to grab litter!


Last weekend Year 4 attended a Robinwood residential trip that was thoroughly enjoyed by all! We climbed walls, scaled crate towers, dove through pirannha infested waters, fine tuned our archery skills and even lost our sight on an obstacle course! (pictures to follow)

Yesterday we received our certificates and personal group pictures that showcased our fantastic children and their newly made friends from Field Lane and Siddal Primary (both part of the Brighter Futures Trust).

New Half Term

As we come back from the October half term, full of sweets from Halloween and fireworks still in our minds, we look forward to the upcoming events this half term. Firstly is the highly anticipated Robinwood residential 10th-11th November, followed by a trip to the cinema, a visit from a Junior Warden scheme and finally an Ancient Egyptian workshop! (details and pictures of all to follow).

Year 4 assembly – Live Like an Egyptian

Last half term the children performed in an assembly to showcase their learning based on Ancient Egyptians. Children acted out the story of Osiris and Seth – two brothers who both wanted to be the first King of Egypt. The children have loved learning this story and couldn’t wait to perform. Alongside this was a fact filled script that detailed Egyptian life through clothing, jewelry, food and furniture. They all worked incredibly hard to put together an informative and fun assembly that highlighted their enthusiasm for the topic – well done Year 4.

Pyramid projects

To supplement our recent learning on the Ancient Egyptians this half term we have been looking at famous Pharaohs before we move onto the pyramids and mummification. As a part of this the children have been given the task of building their own Pyramids over the half term holidays – here is our first entry! Once they have been handed in we will present each pyramid and choose, as a class, our top three models.

Dogs Trust in School

Recently we were visited by the Dogs Trust in school – a very exciting and informative session! We learnt all about how to care for dogs properly from food and toys to micro-chipping and worming. Some of us even had to pick up poo in a carrier bag! (Thank goodness it was only the fake stuff!) We loved our visit and hadn’t realized that there was so much to do when you have a dog.

Bake Off!

During the McMillan morning cake bake, as I was browsing the delicious baked goods, I discovered that two pupils from Year 4 had taken their learning outside of the classroom and into the kitchen! I was extremely pleased to see this mummy cake – with added detail as to who the first ever Egyptian mummy was!

Osiris the Mummy – By M and P. Fielden

STEM Playgrounds

Hello all,

here in Year 4 we have been working very hard during all of our lessons – preparing to showcase our learning during the class assembly on October 18th! We have a jam packed session for you but for now we want to show you some of our STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) work!

After reading a story about bullying in the playground, and a mature and in depth discussion concerning this, we made our own playgrounds that would encourage children to play together. We used our STEM skills to design and make the playground using recycled materials, here are a few examples:

Hello world!

Hi there!

My name is Miss Hamilton and I am the Year 4 teacher at Luddendenfoot Academy. I am joining the school this year after previously working in both a Year 5 and 6 class. I’m very much looking forward to the coming school year and developing the children’s learning further.

Here are a few facts about me:

My favourite colour is light blue.

I can scuba dive!

My pets are two fat cats called Garfield and Odi (just like the cartoon).

Reading is my favourite past time – from Dr Seuss, C. S. Lewis, Roald Dahl to the latest best sellers in adult fiction.

It is thrilling to be on this journey and I can’t wait to get started – stay tuned for regular updates!

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